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Why Joseph Brumbles?


Work Experience :

Including But Not Limited To:

*Over 14 years in the private sector as a business leader.

*Most recently managed a team of 91 employees.

*Most recently  managed over $38 million in annual revenue.

*A “fight for us” mentality while also being able to build and to strengthen relationships.

*Has the people and leadership skills to get the job done.

Main Principles But Not Limited To:

“A United Washington.” No more ”divide and conquer.” Let’s bridge the gap! 

*Pro Family, Pro Bill of Rights, Pro School's , Pro Jobs, Pro Lower Taxes, Pro Truth In Politics, Pro Clean & Affordable Energy, Pro Quality Of Life, Pro affordable healthcare, Pro Life, Pro Liberty.

Some of Joseph's Main Concerns:

Standing up for our rights. I will fight any unconstitutional legislation. I will never sign any unconstitutional (illegal) legislation as Lt. Governor.

1.) Fair (Lower) Taxes - A Balanced Budget:

By helping to create focus on eliminating wasteful spending and reducing unnecessary government control. I will fight to eliminate the tyrannical tax hikes here in Washington state.

2.) A strong state economy:

By focusing support, for local businesses and by limiting unnecessary business tax. Let's make this state business friendly. This in turn will create many new jobs and strengthen our states economy. 

3.) Our Schools - School Safety:

I will do my part to ensure that we eliminate the waste and mismanagement to ensure that our schools and teachers get what they need. I would also like to see our schools primarily controlled and funded at our state level vs. the federal level. This will eliminate a ton of waste and we can better mold the needs of the schools, to whats needed in our state. (versus a one size fits all direction from the federal government.)

Also I will focus on creating awareness and pushing for policy, that will secure our schools without attacking our constitution, in order to keep our children safe. I will do this by focusing on securing the school buildings themselves. I have spoken with a few security consultants and there are many reasonable, cost effective ways to do this.

4.) Taking Care Of Our Vets:

Our vets are not getting the healthcare that they need and deserve. I will focus on fighting for the vets in our state, so that they can have more choices and recieve a much higher quality of care, in many cases, much closer to home.

5.) Clean And Affordable Energy:

I believe and will strive for clean energy, however it also needs to be affordable energy. I am standing for Liberty and in that, for a higher quality of life. We cannot add tax to fossil fuels and penalize people with triple cost energy bills. Energy must be affordable. We can do this by utilizing technology and the free market, among other things. I will be an advocate for common sense , clean and affordable energy within our state.

Introduction From Joseph:



 My name is Joseph Brumbles. I am a single father and an oath keeper. In 2018 I ran for US Congress in Washington’s 10th district against Denny Heck. In that race I earned roughly 40% of the votes or 104,000 votes in the general election. I did this with under $10,000 compared to my opponents $1.2 million. 

Fast forward to today and it is time for me to make another firm stand. To volunteer to put my life on hold for our greater good. To fight for my childrens futures here in Washington state. I am running for Lt. Governor here in Washington state for "We The People". I believe in truth in politics and delivering on campaign promises. 

I am running in order to take a stand for Liberty and to protect our constitutional rights. I am also running to help to ensure "A United Washington." I want this for all people, regardless of age, race, religion, life preferences, etc. I believe in personal Liberty. I am truly a person who wants to be THE representative, for ALL people of Washington state. 

I will do everything that I can in order to ensure that our children get to enjoy the same freedoms that we have enjoyed. Being a single father of two daughters and a business leader, I know the struggles of everyday life. I want to take what I have learned from life and use it to help all Washingtonians. I am a constitutional conservative and believe whole heartedly in upholding our constitution. I am confident that I will get the job done as our Lt. Governor.

I will continue to be a true champion for us, "We The People." Enough about me, what about you!? Are you ready to help to take our state back from the oath breakers in 2020!? Are you ready to make a stand!? To be THE difference!? 

We are on the political front lines and our entire country is depending on us! We cannot simply move away it WILL follow. We MUST make a stand! Please help me to help us unite as Washingtonians and to move forward. Help to maintain Liberty, so that we can enjoy all of our Constitutional Rights.

I am a fighter, let me fight for us in the most productive way, as our Lt. Governor. Together 

let’s focus on people over party, let’s unite, 

let’s take our state back from tyranny and 

greed. Stand with me.

"A United Washington." -Joseph Brumbles

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"Building A Movement On Unity, Without Sacrificing Liberty


Serving The Community

Joseph has been a part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. He has helped many wonderful causes and organizations by donating his time and energy. Including but not limited to (Light The Night- LLS, Urban Games , YMCA The Boy's and Girls Club, Me To We Tour, ADA, American Heart Association) and so many more local as well as national charities and causes.


United By A Common Goal

Joseph knows the value of being connected. That's why he appreciates you spreading the message. Awareness is key. Joseph is fighting for Liberty and standing up for our rights. Help him to help you by uniting. Get people registered! Share the message! Get out the vote!


Get Involved

Joseph can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. Please feel free to reach out if you are willing to help.

My Blog

Feel free to read Joseph's current thoughts and concerns in his blog.

Joseph Brumbles for Lt. Governor

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Regardless of partisanship, election integrity impacts everyone. We MUST know that our votes count. Election integrity is key to liberating WA State. #Liberty1st 

“A United Washington.”

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